Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use 

to change the world”. – Nelson Mandela

Knowledge is power when combined with the tools and strategies to affect change. The body of scientific knowledge and evidence to achieve health and prevent many diseases is overwhelming and conclusive. Health education and empowerment is more important than ever.  In this time of a global pandemic it is not only important on an individual level.  We are learning the hard way how important the health of people is for the smooth  functioning of business, the economy and society as a whole. 

Employers and organisations are in a unique position to support their people with health and wellness  programs that improve health, vitality and mood.  It all comes down to teaching and guiding people in personal health leadership. How to take responsibility for your health and navigate towards the best possible outcomes.

The world is shifting from an economy mindset to an ecology mindset. The balance and harmony of our natural world is critical to the health and survival of our species. What is good for people, is good for business and good for the planet.

And that is what matters to me. Take care of ourselves AND take care of the world.

How I can Help



Private practice

The science of health and wellness is not rocket science, but our lives can be so hectic managing work and family commitments that there is little time to stand still and reflect on exactly what those levers are in life that are key to positive health outcomes. Often it takes a health scare or persistent niggling issue to stop us in our tracks and take stock. In the back of our mind we might have a good idea of what we need, but when it comes to taking action many of us get stuck or give up after a foiled attempt to improve diet and lifestyle.

for business

Are you interested in supporting your leaders and teams  with their health and wellness? Has the current pandemic highlighted areas that need additional support? Are you thinking of putting a more structured health and wellness programme in place?

 The current pandemic is making it very clear that the health of people is at the heart of a thriving business and society. 

“I can actually go out to dinner with friends now after 25 years and not have to stand by the bathroom door! Here’s to wellness I can smile and laugh now – it’s been quite a journey.   You will find Petra a beautiful, caring and wonderful practitioner and you will be supported by her to achieve great health.”



Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to get us back on track of healthy living.
This is why I’ve created a one page Self Care Menu you can print out and
stick on your fridge or family notice board where you will see it every day.
Claim your FREE gift here and make sure to include something from your Self Care Menu every day.