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Are you interested in supporting your executives and teams with their health and wellness?

Has the current pandemic highlighted areas that need additional support?

Are you thinking of putting a more structured health and wellness programme in place?

The current pandemic is making it very clear that the health of people is at the heart of a thriving business and society. Most workplaces have employees working from home at the moment, where they juggle conflicting priorities and experience new stresses that put pressure on health and wellness for many.

Once people return to the workplace there are many new rules that need to be observed with regards to hygiene practices and social distancing.  This is a very important strategy to minimise the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  Furthermore, around the world many laboratories are working hard to develop a vaccine against Covid-19.  Realistically it may take up to a year before such vaccine will be widely available.



With Covid-19 likely to stay around and the flu-season upon us it is more important than ever for people to understand what they can do themselves in order to stay healthy in areas of nutrition, sleep, exercise, relaxation, managing stress and a healthy mindset.  All of these play a key role in immune health and the susceptibility to and severity of viral diseases.

Providing people with evidence-based knowledge and tools to take positive action for their own health and wellness also helps to alleviate fear and uncertainty.   

It would be impossible and irresponsible to guarantee prevention of infection or exposure to Covid-19 and there are no known cures for Covid-19.  

What we do know so far is that an infection can be a-symptomatic in some people, and symptomatic and potentially fatal in other people.  The immune system response is a key factor in the presentation and severity of symptoms.  Inflammation is an essential part of the immune response that helps to trap and destroy an invading pathogen, such as a virus. The evidence is pointing to an excessive inflammatory response in people with severe symptoms, who for the largest part have other pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. 


Chronic inflammation can be reduced with appropriate nutrition and lifestyle choices. 

The immune system can be supported with appropriate nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Action in both areas is a key factor in improving health and wellness outcomes.


Every employee can benefit from  additional health and wellness support in these challenging times.  You may also consider providing additional support for employees with pre-existing chronic conditions who may feel particularly vulnerable at the moment. 


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At the moment training and mentoring can be delivered in Live Webinar format or small group / individual  Zoom calls.   Once the workplace is deemed safe for larger groups, (mini)seminars, workshops and face-to-face sessions will be available again.


“Thinking will not overcome fear, action will.”

W. Clement Stone






Due to Covid-19 the delivery of Personal Health Leadership programs will be online.

All programs will be personally delivered by an Accredited nutritional medicine and holistic health practitioner with 6 years of clinical experience and prior to that 15 years as international business development executive and senior management.


Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to get us back on track of healthy living. This is why I’ve created a one page Self Care Menu you can print out and stick on your fridge or family notice board where you will see it every day.  

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