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Petra Hooyenga

Health and Wellness training and mentoring

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner 


As a high achiever in corporate and later small business I knew very well what it was like to burn the candle at both ends, but it wasn’t an issue initially as my youth, mental strength and determination always pulled me through to the next achievement.  Then a partner and children became an essential part of my life and my idea of being able to do everything really well was shattered. I was faced with challenges of a different nature, and had to redefine and reinvent myself.

One major lesson I learned was that our health is our true wealth, and this insight catapulted me on a new path of exploration, study and service.

To date I have had the privilege of helping many wonderful people on their journey of health and healing.  First a personal transformation, and then with better health and vitality the ripple effect on all areas of life. 
Just imagine the world we could create! 

My Approach

 The focus is on health.  

Research and measurement of results are key.

Personalised strategies for health and healing.

Personal Health Leadership in action.

Lifetime benefits from the learnings.


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