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As a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner it is my mission to help you achieve optimum health, and teach you the strategies needed to maintain optimum health throughout the various life stages and challenges.

The science of health and wellness is not rocket science, but our lives can be so hectic managing work and family commitments that there is little time to stand still and reflect on exactly what those levers are in life that are key to positive health outcomes. Often it takes a health scare or persistent niggling issue to stop us in our tracks and take stock. In the back of our mind we might have a good idea of what we need, but when it comes to taking action many of us get stuck or give up after a foiled attempt to improve diet and lifestyle.

I’m currently on a ‘sabbatical’ deepening my scientific knowledge and skills in the field of nutrition studying an MSc Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health.   My thesis is related to long-Covid. Unfortunately we will see many people affected by long-Covid in the years to come. Solutions for long-Covid will come from the holistic natural medicine world, which is better at dealing with chronic conditions in comparison to the mainstream allopathic health system.  






The focus is on health – solution based health planning

What you focus on is what you get.  Instead of diagnosing and treating disease, I teach you the nutritional medicine strategies that promote health and healing. Bringing the various systems back into balance, your body will be in a better state to heal itself.

Research and measurement
of results are key

I use non-invasive, pain free and instant research for all my clients using the world-leading NLS spectral analysis research technology Metatron from IPP. The body speaks for itself and highlights where the imbalances are in the system. At times additional research is required such as pathology and food allergy and sensitivity testing. It is an important aspect of practicing evidence-based Nutritional Medicine and achieving the health progress and results you are looking for as a client.

Personal Health Leadership in action

Ultimately you are responsible for following the recommendations and taking the actions that will lead to improved health outcomes. You may be prescribed some supplements to help you with your specific health issue, but this will be in a context of advise about your nutrition and new healthy habits and patterns to learn and embrace. You are an active participant in creating a healthier you, and I am there to guide you and support you on your journey of healing.

Addressing symptoms AND
underlying causes 

 An integrative and holistic approach to healing and nutritional medicine strategies for body, mind, heart and soul. The nutritional medicine strategies are personalised to your specific health situation, addressing both the symptoms and underlying causes of health imbalances. If you are currently undergoing treatment with a GP or Medical Specialist, great! It is important to look at your health holistically and bring the best of both worlds, natural and medical together for your benefit.

Life time benefits

There will be a time you will no longer need to see me in my practice. You will be happy with your health and have a deep understanding about what you need to stay healthy. You will have a personal toolkit full of nutritional medicine strategies that work for you, and you will inspire those around you to make their health a priority. An investment in health and healing pays off in all areas of life. The dividends are priceless and include more vitality, connection, authenticity and joy!

To book an appointment


I offer every new client a complementary 10-minute orientation phone call. The purpose of this call is to establish if I am in fact the right practitioner to help you with your particular health challenges and goals. 




The purpose of this consultation is for me to get to know you and understand more about your symptoms and your health and medical history. It also includes a base line health assessment using NLS spectral analysis research. Additional research may be requested if needed at this point, or later in the process.
You will receive a number of nutritional medicine recommendations and instructions to act upon prior to the next consultation.




$ 225 per 60 minutes (including GST)

Payments accepted via EFTPOS or Credit Card during the consultation.


The purpose of a standard consultation is to review changes and improvements to symptoms and general health and wellbeing based on your feedback and NLS scan where relevant. Nutritional medicine strategies are revised and adapted to progress and results thus far and the feedback from additional testing methods.

In general, the Initial consultation is followed by a standard consultation within 2 weeks. Further standard consultations are spaced between 4 – 8 weeks during the first year on a needs basis. After the first year a quarterly, bi-annual or annual standard consult could be sufficient.


Please check your private health fund for Nutritionist rebates available to you. 


Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to get us back on track of healthy living. This is why I’ve created a one page Self Care Menu you can print out and stick on your fridge or family notice board where you will see it every day.  

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