let results do the talking

I went to see Petra, who came highly recommended, pretty much at the end of my tether about my health and lack of energy and motivation.  Just not me.  

After our session and 2 weeks of remedies, I returned for a follow up a different person.  I had my energy back and my enthusiasm for life returned.  

I am completely sold on Petra’s approach.  Telling me she wants to help me heal myself through nutrition was the cherry on the cake.  I am now a devoted client and recommend Petra to everyone I meet.”


After suffering from many years of endometriosis and numerous failed attempts with different hormone treatments, I decided to look into a natural and non-invasive method of treatment.

 Petra was able to detect the likely source of the problem using spectral analysis research and provide a nutritional and natural medicine treatment plan. I was pleasantly surprised with the dramatic improvement to my menstrual cycle.

 I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to try to eliminate the root cause of chronic issues and conditions. Thank you Petra. Your kindness combined with your patience and endless knowledge has changed a huge part of my life! “


“12 months ago I suffered from a bad bout of diarrhoea and chronic indigestion which were causing me to lose weight and making me very lethargic.

My GP prescribed antibiotics which seemed to work for a while.  However, the problem resurfaced two months ago resulting in me virtually not being able to leave the house for 10 days. The same antibiotics were prescribed and were totally ineffective. 

My GP referred me to a gastroenterologist.  I had already had a colonoscopy which was all clear and was thinking I perhaps needed an endoscopy to find out what was causing my problem.

The specialist advised me I had a common bacterium in my system, as many people did,  and while he gave me a prescription for more antibiotics he advised me no endoscopy needed to be carried out and I would actually  need to live with the problem!  If I wanted to go out to dinner or some such, I should take a product like Imodium! The consultation was short and to my mind a waste of money.

“I was recommended to Petra Hooyenga by my chiropractor and was immediately impressed by the scanning equipment she uses to conduct health research and obtain feedback from the body, by the thoroughness of her consultation, and by the detailed explanation she gave me then and since.  

For the first time I began to understand what was causing my symptoms and what we were going to do together to correct the situation. Within two visits with Petra, my intestinal problem has virtually been resolved.  I am undergoing treatment for other minor health imbalances that she discovered, with good results.

The experience with Petra Hooyenga was and continues to be illuminating.  I highly recommend her methods to anyone who would prefer to take natural products and, where necessary, change their diet rather than consume antibiotics or other drugs”.


“I brought my son to see Petra  to have his allergies (mainly hayfever) assessed.

Within a few weeks of being treated under Petra’s plan his hayfever had virtually disappeared. Since then he has also been sleeping much better, has had a stronger immune system and has an increased level of energy.

I am thrilled with the results we have reached thus far and I  am so happy to be having my son treated using holistic and natural methods.

Petra’s warm professionalism and step-by-step health plans have been amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a better all round health for their family.”


“After spending nine years relying on the medical profession to assist my children with their allergies and food intolerances and never understanding why my children had the issues in the first place, we finally met Petra.  I loved the fact that she created a space were we could explore our children’s issues from a holistic perspective, she encouraged us work as a partnership.    We have seen significant shifts in my children’s health, they are now eating more foods and are less reactive in what has been a relative short period of time. If you are considering going to Petra, know that you’re in for a pleasant surprise and an empowering one at that, everything about her approach is refreshing. I love the fact she has given us choices about how we can approach our children’s health and has given us back control over the choices we make.”  I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to try to eliminate the root cause of chronic issues and conditions. Thank you Petra. Your kindness combined with your patience and endless knowledge has changed a huge part of my life!”


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