“The first step in the healing process starts with accepting there are no magic pills and quick fixes for chronic health problems. The journey is all about restoring balance and harmony with nature. ” 


    • Inflammatory processes are underlying many chronic health conditions.
    • Nutritional Medicine offers personalised treatment, a whole diet approach and therapeutic modulation of the microbiome and metabolism, essential for restoring balance and health.
    • Suitable for cardiometabolic and other chronic inflammatory conditions (including Long Covid and neuro-inflammatory conditions)
    • NDIS eligible | Check your Private Health fund  for nutrition rebates.
    • Although Nutritionists are recognised Health Professionals in Australia, Medicare rebates are not yet available for this health service. 

 Most  chronic conditions take years to develop and are often a result of the interaction between our genes and lifestyle exposures over time.  These conditions are characterised by inflammatory processes and other indicators that the immune system is not coping in its role to maintain health and balance in the body.  A holistic, whole system approach is essential to the process of restoring health and balance.  Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, stated almost 2,500 years ago that ‘all disease begins in the gut.”  Today in 2023, scientific studies increasingly demonstrate the importance of our gut and microbiome in the regulation of the immune system  and subsequent health.   Every human being is a unique ecological system comprising  of more than 30 trillion human, plus at least the same amount of microbial cells.  The balance of this eco-system is essential for overall health, just as it is on a planetary level. 

No matter how serious your condition, or how much out of balance you are, there is always potential for health and healing within the body by supporting the restoration of balance, starting with the foods we eat every day.   Taking a personalised  ‘food first’ approach, supported by nutritional medicine treatment and healthy lifestyle strategies is the modus operandi of our practice. Health empowerment as well as great results!


How I can Help



 Private practice

As  Nutritional Medicine Practitioner | Clinical Practicing Nutritionist it is my mission to help you restore your health naturally with food as medicine and other supportive lifestyle strategies. 

Genetics only explains a small percentage of the chronic health conditions experienced by almost 50% of Australian adults.  Diet and lifestyle factors are important epigenetic factors in the development of cardiometabolic and other chronic conditions.  No amount of nutritional supplements or therapies will have any sustainable value, unless the foundation of holistic health is addressed as well.  Diet quality and quantity are important levers for health, as well as sleep, physical activity,  a sense of inner peace, connection with nature, family, friends as well as meaningful work and creative expression. 



G.E.M.M. protocol

The G.E.M.M. Protocol (Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation) is a unique system of health care designed to harness the principles of Nature in helping to restore normal function to human cells. As the function of individual cells returns to normal, so too does the function of the disordered organs and systems that had allowed disease to flourish.

All aspects of the G.E.M.M. Protocol have their foundation in peer-reviewed scientific evidence, with the accompanying nutrigenomically-active G.E.M.M. formulations based on food-derived ingredients for which clinical trials demonstrate efficacy.


” You will find Petra a beautiful, caring and wonderful practitioner and you will be supported by her to achieve great health.”