It’s never too late to invest in your health.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and any small positive change is a step closer to better health.” 

Most  of us take our health for granted, and only when it is taken away, we realise that our health is our true wealth.  Health gives us the energy, vitality and mobility to do all the things we want and need to do.  Sadly many people are affected by  chronic conditions built up over decades of suboptimal diet, lack of physical activity, poor sleep and a lot of stress. And then there are others with a genetic make-up that makes it hard to metabolise certain nutrients, and clear toxins, compounding the epigenetic stress on the system.   However, as  complex as it may feel or sound, there is a journey back to health.  

It is not a magic pill or supplement that will do the trick, and don’t believe anyone who tells you so.  You need to do the work, and invest the time and effort into improving diet, being physically active,  improving sleep, reducing stress.  As your practitioner I guide you with the ‘what’ you need to do, ‘why’ it is important and ‘how’ to make it happen. 

Now that my study sabbatical is completed with an MSc Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health, I am re-opening my clinic doors for new clients with (pre)  cardio-metabolic conditions  and/or long covid or post covid conditions. 

How I can Help



Private practice

As a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner it is my mission to help you achieve optimum health, and teach you the strategies needed to maintain optimum health throughout the various life stages and challenges.

Genetics only explains a small percentage of the chronic health conditions experienced by almost 50% of Australian adults.  Diet and lifestyle factors are important epigenetic factors in the development of cardiometabolic and other chronic conditions.  I’ve always been a food first practitioner,  as no amount of nutritional supplements or therapies will have any sustainable value, unless the foundation of holistic health is addressed first.  Diet quality and quantity are important levers for health, as well as sleep, physical activity,  a sense of inner peace, connection with nature, family, friends as well as meaningful work and creative expression. 



for business

Are you interested in supporting your leaders and teams  with their health and wellness? Has the current pandemic highlighted areas that need additional support? Are you thinking of putting a more structured health and wellness programme in place?

 The current pandemic is making it very clear that the health of people is at the heart of a thriving business and society. 

“I can actually go out to dinner with friends now after 25 years and not have to stand by the bathroom door! Here’s to wellness I can smile and laugh now – it’s been quite a journey.   You will find Petra a beautiful, caring and wonderful practitioner and you will be supported by her to achieve great health.”



Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to get us back on track of healthy living.
This is why I’ve created a one page Self Care Menu you can print out and
stick on your fridge or family notice board where you will see it every day.
Claim your FREE gift here and make sure to include something from your Self Care Menu every day.